About Us

Salazar Coffee is a family business which started life in a Beautiful village named Salazar De Las Palmas in Colombia. Coffee first arrived in Colombia through the village of Salazar in Notre de Santander, Its arrival was unusual, a story that has since been confirmed by the coffee federation. Its written that a priest called Francisco Romero imposed a penance on all the parishioners he heard in confession, instead of praying they had to sow coffee plants.
                salazar coffee the home of coffee
 Since that time coffee has taken root on the slopes of the Andean mountains, with a mild climate and good rainfall, it has allowed the growth and enjoyment of one of Colombia's great exports. Local farmers have since maintained the passion for cultivating this magical bean and in doing so have passed down their experience and knowledge through generations.
The founder of the company Angela Rojas Ramirez grew up on the family coffee plantation owned by her father Don Jose which was in Salazar, Colombia. Angela has spent her life perfecting the techniques used to not only grow the coffee but also on how to roast the beans and truly bring out the best flavours which is what makes our coffee so unique and has our customers returning for more.
 Angela is experienced in the production of all types of coffee and is recognised by the Coffee federation as a Coffee farmer having been given the elusive stamp of approval by the Colombian Coffee Federation whom are renowned all over the world.

 As a recognised coffee farmer, Angela was able to select the finest beans for all our products. After years of travelling and tasting different varieties of coffee she was able to master the best roasting methods for each of the fresh coffee products that we sell today.
At present day we specialise in the selling and distribution of fresh coffee to homes, offices and restaurants. We are committed to the plantation in Salazar and its workers with a percentage of our profits being sent back to them to ensure the well being of all the farmers and their families. 
If you are interested in purchasing any one of our products or would just to find out a little bit more about our capabilities, please do not hesitate to contact us on the details below and we will be more than happy to help.
MOBILE:   07535578037